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ToxBooster™: The Ultimate Duo for Radiant Skin

ToxBooster is a combination treatment of a VIPeel plus wrinkle reducer injections. The treatment includes skin preparation and application of the VI peel, followed by your usual upper or lower face wrinkle reducer treatment. 


The ToxBooster is an effective way to get the most out of your wrinkle reducer treatment in one appointment. A VIPeel plus wrinkle reducers simultaneously treat three layers of aging: lifting sun damage, smoothing wrinkles and promoting skin elasticity. The VIPeel improves the surface damage including exfoliating fine lines and lifting sun damage/dark spots, while the wrinkle reducers treat the dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement. According to studies, the synergistic effect of Toxbooster amplifies wrinkle reduction by 36%. As a result, you are extending the benefits of wrinkle reducer injections beyond their normal duration and efficacy. 


When combining these two treatments in a single session, ToxBooster diminishes fine lines and wrinkles along with a brightened, radiant and more even skin tone in two weeks. The VIPeel lends antimicrobial and anti-bruising properties when used prior to injectable treatments, and has a mild numbing effect on the skin that makes injections more comfortable. To note, the ToxBooster has 5-7 days of downtime due to the VIPeel, and your skin will have an orange tint for four hours following treatment.

Helps Improve:

  • Stubborn lines at rest
  • Hyperpigmentation or melasma
  • Signs of aging

Authored by:

Allison Gordon, FNP-BC - Instagram: @allison_aesthetic_np

Brooke Morton, FNP-C - Instagram: @theglowtrotter