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Pre & Post Care Tips for Dermal Fillers

What to expect before and after your Dermal Filler appointment.


Whether it’s your first dermal filler treatment or you’ve been treated multiple times before, knowing what to do before and after treatment can be a bit confusing. I have highlighted some pre and post care tips below to guide you through the process! 

1. Be mindful of your travel schedule

We recommend avoiding dermal filler treatment within 48 hours of scheduled air travel. It is very important to be able to return to the office for follow up if needed following this treatment. If you have a trip scheduled within 48 hours after your treatment, we highly recommend rescheduling to a different date! 

2. Recently sick? Get some rest and recover 

If you have had a recent sinus infection, cough, COVID, UTI, or other illness, we highly encourage taking some time to rest and recover. Recent illnesses can cause undesired swelling and side effects following a dermal filler treatment. We recommend rescheduling two full weeks after your symptoms resolve to have the best possible treatment outcome. 

3. Work out before your appointment, not after

For my exercise-loving patients, I always recommend going to the gym or taking a class early in the morning on the day of your treatment. We advise against exercise within 24 hours after receiving dermal fillers. Making sure to schedule your workout early will allow you to do both on the same day! 

Pro tip: Try to end your workout at least one hour before your appointment. This will give your heart rate and blood pressure time to return to normal, which can decrease your risk of bruising! 

4. Skip the wine the night before

Alcohol “thins” the blood and can lead to an increased risk of bruising. Skipping alcoholic drinks for 24 hours before and after treatment can go a long way in preventing bruises from injectable treatments! 

5. Avoid blood thinners

Blood thinners such as aspirin, Aleve, Advil and Motrin affect platelets in the bloodstream, which can inhibit clotting and therefore lead to easy bruising. Avoiding these medications for 48 hours before and 24 hours after treatment will prevent easy bruising. 

Please note: JECT never recommends skipping any medications prescribed by your primary care provider. 

6. Reschedule your facial 

It is recommended to avoid facial massage for at least two weeks following dermal filler treatment. This is especially important to note for upcoming special events, including weddings and vacations! 

7. Save the makeup 

Applying makeup immediately after dermal fillers can lead to irritation of the skin and infection of the filler. We recommend waiting 12 hours after treatment to apply makeup, especially foundation and contouring products. 

Pro tip: Arrive to the office with a clean, makeup-free face for the most seamless treatment experience! 

8. Monitor your skin

It is very important to monitor your skin after treatment. Although extremely rare, if you experience skin paleness or discoloration, the area feels hot or cool to the touch, or you have severe pain, call the office immediately. We are available 24/7: just text us “URGENT.”

9. Protect your investment 

The best way to increase longevity of your dermal fillers is to use effective skincare products and sunscreen between treatments. Dehydrated, dull, sun-damaged skin is more prone to static line formation than hydrated, glowing, sun-protected skin. A gentle cleanser, moisturizer, retinol and SPF can go a long way in protecting your skin barrier and maintaining a youthful, vibrant glow!