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Treatment Stacking: How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Treatments and Why?

What is Stacking? Receiving multiple treatments in the same appointment session. By combining multiple treatments, the synergistic effect yields a better aesthetic outcome. This “doubling down” increases skin renewal and rejuvenation in a way that a single treatment alone wouldn’t be able to provide.  

Why we recommend stacking: 

  • Better Results
  • Synced Downtime
  • Saves Time (two appointments in one visit) 

Our Curated List for Stacking

Reduce Hyperpigmentation: 

BBL + MOXI: Moxi improves the surface and texture of the skin, while BBL evens areas of excess red and brown pigment. We recommend a package of 3 treatments for optimal results. 

Downtime: 7-10 days of downtime for skin to fully heal. 

Brighter Skin:

Wrinkle reducers are injected into the muscle to address fine lines. Chemical peel/Aquagold treats the superficial layer of the skin to enhance the filter-like smoothing effect. 

Wrinkle Reducers Chemical peel (light, deep, or VI peel)

Wrinkle Reducers + Aquagold

Downtime: Dependent on superficial treatment, but plan ahead as results peak in 10-14 days. 

Pre-Event Refresh:

Light peel exfoliates the dead skin to facilitate deeper absorption of the ingredients in an Aquagold–vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and wrinkle reducers–into the skin 

Light peel + Aquagold

Downtime: Zero downtime 

Glow Up:

Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) targets the undereye area, which is prone to crepey skin and volume loss. Pair this treatment with a rejuvenation service such as Microneedling with Radio Frequency (RF) or Sculptra to tighten and revitalize the skin.

PRFM for undereyes + Microneedling RF face/neck

PRFM for undereyes + Sculptra 

Downtime: Downtime is around 7 days from treatment, and results will peak in 4-6 weeks 

*All recommendations are “safely stacked” treatments