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Wedding Prep: Leah & Casey Gilbert

Meet Casey and Leah Gilbert! Casey is a fitness model and instructor at Barry's Bootcamp, while Leah works in luxury eyewear. They met six years ago on a party boat cruising around the Statue of Liberty.

We helped them get wedding-ready with a treatments and asked them all about it below:

Tell us about your wedding.

Casey: We had a farm wedding in upstate New York this past Fall. The leaves were fully changed and the scenery was outstanding. We left two days later for a 10 day adventure in Bali, which was incredible.

Leah: Our wedding was on a 400 acre farm. We got married outside in front of the mountains followed by a reception in a beautiful barn with all of our family and friends. We went the traditional route and left for our honeymoon right after the wedding. It was the most amazing trip of our lives!

How do you take care of your skin normally?

Casey: I usually just use soap in the shower for my face. I work out a lot so that low-maintenance routine works best for me.

Leah: I have pretty sensitive skin so my routine includes daily moisturizing morning and night, and always making sure I wash my face before bed no matter what.

How did that routine change leading up to your wedding?

Casey: I started moisturizing my skin more because the cold weather dries it out. I also focused on hydrating more because wedding stress is not great for sleep!

Leah: I added exfoliation into my routine 2-3 times a week and started wearing less or no makeup regularly.

Tell us about your first time at JECT!

Casey: Leah and I went to JECT together. She got the AquaGold facial, and I did a light peel. I was amazed at how great her skin looked right after and at the wedding! After the peel, my skin had a really smooth texture and soft feel. I would highly recommend both treatments.

Leah: My first time at JECT was amazing. I have never done any medical-grade treatments before so I was pretty nervous. I received the AquaGold facial. The team explained the treatment in detail before getting started which helped ease my mind. During the treatment, my nerves melted away and I enjoyed the entire process! My skin looked amazing the next day and got progressively better over the course of the week. On my wedding day, I was thrilled with how my skin looked. I felt fresh and my skin was smooth and bright. Even the makeup artists commented on how radiant it was! I would totally do this facial again, the results were incredible!

How can people find you?

Casey's Instagram: @caseyfieldnyc

Leah's Instagram: @leahgilbertnyc