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The Resort-Ready Injectables Plan

If you're wanting to look truly glam on your next getaway, our experts have you covered with this easy-to-follow treatment plan.

1 Month Prior to Traveling

Dermal Filler

A month before traveling is the perfect time for your next filler appointment, leaving plenty of time for the filler to settle and for any touch ups if necessary. Create a subtle plump for your lips and contour your cheeks so you look selfie-ready, no filters necessary. 

2 Weeks Prior to Traveling

Wrinkle Reducers

Right before travel is a great time for a light wrinkle reducer refresh. At 2 weeks, your treatment will be at its peak and so will that legendary “Botox glow.” Instead of looking tired and jet-lagged off the plane, you’ll emerge with smooth skin and bright and well-rested eyes. 

1 Week Prior to Traveling

Aquagold Facial

We love Aquagold before a big trip, especially if you’re going somewhere sunny—it’s completely sun safe! A customized blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid-based filler and wrinkle reducers are infused into the skin with 24k gold needles. Vitamin C brightens dull skin, filler adds lasting hydration, and wrinkle reducers soften the look of fine lines under the eye. Results are immediate but continue to improve for 1-2 weeks, lasting for 4-6 weeks.

1 Day Prior to Traveling

Skin Tightening

The results of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening are immediate, without any downtime. Instead of looking puffy after traveling, your face will look lifted with sculpted cheeks and a defined jawline. It’s the perfect treatment before events where you need to look your best for photos, too!