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Sasha Benz, Creative Director of the Surf Lodge & WYLD Blue

Sasha Benz is an entrepreneur, who began her career as a fashion stylist progressing quickly working for the likes of Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Australia, Sony Music and Vanity Fair. 

Throughout her career she has worked alongside photographers such as Annie Liebovitz, Ellen Von Unworth and her clients included Kylie Minogue, Cate Blanchette, Michael Buble & Sara Sampaio. In 2014, Benz married long time boyfriend Oliver Benz in New York City, and in the same month she founded the online Magazine All My Friends Are Models. Benz is still active as the Editor of the magazine which has offices in New York, Los Angeles & Sydney. 

Shortly after that, Benz relocated to Montauk to begin her role as Creative Director for The Surf Lodge, a boutique hot spot hotel for the music and fashion elite, and still maintains this role today.  

Most recently, after becoming a mother to her son Rhythm Wyld and daughters Baybi Blue and Haze Heart, Benz decided to once again shock her network by opening two retail spaces: Wyld Blue + Baybi Pop named after her two eldest children. The stores are a curation of her impeccable eye for style and detail, and homage to her years traveling the world and absorbing the cultures of home meets lifestyle. 

You have built many successful businesses and such a loyal following! What are you most proud? 

Honestly, it’s hard to pin down one thing that makes me proud, as everyday its the small accomplishments that add up and mean the most. 

However, as an overall I can definitely say I am most proud of becoming a mother while never compromising any of the businesses I was working on. That was the hardest thing to balance, and the most rewarding for sure. 

What is the best piece of career advice you've ever received?

That relationships mean more than money. 

You are a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mom. When do you have time to decompress and what are your methods of self care?

Sadly, ‘me time’ sits quite low on the priority list, just because the kids are so young and I have a hard time find my work off switch - BUT recently the times when I have decompressed, was often forced by a close friend or my husband which are often just an hour on the beach, or sending me to placed like Ject - which opened a window of falling back in love with all sorts of beauty treatments and realizing how much I have neglected myself over the crazy work period ! 

What are your beauty/skincare rituals and where did you learn them?

I often just follow the recommendations of close friends, what has worked, what is a must - a good moisturizer is key! 

I try to use very natural soft products, focus on drinking a tonne of water and taking daily vitamins. 

When do you feel your most beautiful?

Honestly, when I was pregnant! As cliched as it sounds, I felt really powerful, my skin was glowing (probably from not drinking for 9 months!) and I felt really comfortable in my body, which is not common for me - and my husband found it all super sexy, so that concoction was a perfect combination to making me feel the most beautiful. 

Tell us about your first time at JECT. 

My first experience was the AquaGold facial. I was feeling so exhausted and dull and it was a game changer! I have never felt and looks so instantly refreshed, plump skin, my face was instantly so responsive!