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Gigi Burris, Luxury Accessories Designer

Gigi Burris is the founder of Gigi Burris Millinery, a luxury accessories brand that focuses on hats and hair accessories, as well as a CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist

Gigi excels in couture handwork and intricate handmade adornments––she uses handcrafted flowers, feathers, alligator skins, and silk ribbons to achieve a greater sense depth and play within her line. With a keen eye for details, and an intuitive sense of what’s just ahead of the curve, Gigi Burris’ accessories are assured, effortless, and alluring. 

What is the most rewarding part about your job? 

We proudly manufacturer each piece by hand in New York City using artisanal techniques. I love working with clients directly and seeing the emotional reaction to the perfect hat. 

What inspires you?

The strong women in my family. 

You're a busy woman! What does your self care look like?

I will fit in a weekly pilates or yoga class to unwind or take a long walk with my Wheaten Terrier, Bo. I try to keep my system in check with probiotics, Maca and Chaga Root. As for my daily skin care routine, I use a simple moisturizer and splurge on eye cream.

What are your aesthetic/skincare goals and how have you achieved them?

To curb inflammation and breakouts is the ultimate goal. Medical grade facials, ample moisurization and diet that limits sugar and diary have helped so much. 

Tell us about your first time at JECT 

Gabby and I met through a mutual friend. She immediately captivated me with her warm personality and honesty, so there was a trust present that guided me into getting injectables knowing I would still look natural. She also placed me on a peel routine that transformed my hormonal breakouts.

How can people find you? 

IG: @gigiburris