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Everything I Eat: After My Injectables Appointment

If you haven’t yet read part one of this article, click here to read up on what I did prior to my injectables appointment. Okay, so let’s pick up where we left off  - I’m in the treatment room vibing out and my amazing Injector just completed my Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Reducers, start-to-finish in under 45 minutes. 

Leave my appointment at JECT West Village (Friday, 4:45pm) 

I’m a tad puffy, but nothing comparable to the puffiness that comes along with an extravagant night of sake and soy sauce at Nobu. Heading back to my apartment to book a pilates class for Monday because I like to avoid exercise for about a few days after treatment (twist my arm!) to avoid the chance of additional bruising.

Via Instagram: @jectnyc

Icing my face for fifteen minutes every hour with the cute little ice pack they sent me on my way with. This usually helps me to expedite de-puffing. Aside from the ice pack - I’m not touching my face tonight. 

I give the ice pack a quick rinse, dry it well, then pop it back into my freezer. 

Pre-Dinner Snack

Via Instagram: @kindsnacks

Blueberry KIND Bar (Gluten-Free, Dairy Free)

Dinner at Sunday In Brooklyn 

Via Instagram: @sundayinbrooklyn

I had long standing plans to visit my friend at her new apartment in Williamsburg, and luckily don’t need to cancel on her because of my appointment! Since I’m avoiding makeup or skincare for 24 hours, this spot is dimly lit and filled with a cool crew of Brooklynites who are barely wearing makeup because they’re chic enough without it.

Zero-Proof Cocktail (Still avoiding alcohol for 24-48 Hours): Mango Daisy - Seedlip Garden, Mango, Pomegranate, Lime.

Main Course: Warm Grain Bowl - Grilled Chicken, Brown & Wild Rice, Grilled Snap Peas, Spring Radishes, Cucumbers, Pepita Romesco, Avocado, 6 Minute Egg (Gluten-Free)

Bedtime Routine

I share an Uber back to the city with my friend after a lovely evening and am excited to climb into bed faster than I usually do. I’m taking a break from skincare tonight to ensure I do everything I can to avoid any swelling or bruising tomorrow morning. 

A quick wipe of my face with a warm washcloth, no cleanser, and I’m off to bed.

I grabbed a small, wide pillow from my couch to add under my neck for extra support to ensure that tonight I stay sleeping, face-up.

1 Day Post-Appointment (Saturday)

Woke up this morning, still facing up (score!) but saw a tiny bit of swelling. Usually I’d grab my jade roller, but it’s important to avoid facial massages for a week. 

Instead, I reached in my freezer and grabbed the cute little ice pack I was sent home with. Gently applying it to swollen areas for fifteen minutes every hour. 

I usually do my morning skincare routine before grabbing breakfast, but I’m going to hold off on that until after lunch to ensure I give my face a good 12 hours without skincare. 

Breakfast From Cha Cha Matcha

Via Instagram: @chachamatcha

Beverage: Ginger Tumeric - Ginger & Turmeric, Almond Milk, Matcha.

The ginger and turmeric not only taste amazing, but they are anti-inflammatory and can help ease my swelling. The matcha is fantastic for a moderate dose of caffeine without dehydrating me. 

Lunch at Le Botaniste SoHo

Via Instagram: @le_botaniste

I walk over to SoHo to meet my friend for lunch and catch up. Today is a rainy day, so I’m welcoming that because it’s important to avoid direct sun for 72 hours following my appointment. 

Appetizer: Green Pea Hummus - Green peas, cashew, mint, tahini, spirulina, red cabbage, gluten-free cracker.

Main Course: Pasta Bolo - Gluten-free fusilli, bolognese sauce, green herbal oil, gomasio.

I walk home around 2pm and get to work on my skincare routine, with a few modifications.

Mid-Day Skincare 

Via Instagram: @jectnyc

I cleanse my face gently, avoiding any pressure. Skip my glycolic acid pads, then gently apply my moisturizer and Tinted SPF. Who is she? She’s been barefaced for 12 hours, I barely recognize her with the slight blurring effect the tinted SPF is giving me. I’ll do this abbreviated routine until Monday.

4 Days Post-Appointment (Tuesday)

Nighttime Skincare

I woke up this morning with barely any redness, so I’m good to go - reincorporating my glycolic acid pads into my routine. 

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