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The Male Patient

Here at Ject, we are all about breaking through taboos, particularly associated with medical aesthetics.  While the topic of cosmetic injectables and other medical grade treatments are well known among the female population, the rise of males taking advantage of similar services is much less talked about.

Those who have not sought out these treatments may still think of them as not being manly,” however in reality we use these services to support and enhance a more masculine appearance. While fitness gyms are full of men attempting to lose fat and build muscle to look good, so many are still neglecting the part of our body that is most visible; our face. 

While approximately two thirds of consumers for aesthetic services are female, recent years have proven that an increasing number of males are seeking out similar services. In particular, men in the know are interested in minimally invasive procedures such as injectables. Between 2000 and 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported an increase of nearly 30% in males seeking out cosmetic procedures but also a significant decrease (-45%) in males getting invasive cosmetic surgery. This data sets the stage for the impressive increase in minimally invasive procedures, which have gone up 72%  over the same time period according to the ASPS.  Another study published in the Journal of the ASPS found that the ratio of female to male patients receiving injectables was 9:1, however men were only outnumbered 2:1 based on interest in cosmetic procedures.  Factors contributing to this heightened interest by the male consumer include improved products and services, increased competitiveness in the workplace, social media and increased social acceptance. 

Somewhat ironically, men are at higher risk for extrinsic aging than women and therefore could benefit from certain services as much or even more than women. Men are more likely to be outside and less likely to use sunblock or other preventative measures. In addition, men tend to have stronger facial muscles leading to more rapid development of fine lines and wrinkles. But it's not just lifestyle choices that separate men from women in terms of facial aesthetics. There are certain distinct evolutionary differences that create a blueprint for facial masculinity.  Let's take a deeper dive into some of these traits by looking at the structural foundation of our face; the skull. 

male and female skull

As you can see, there is a reason women tend to say men are thick headed.” Because it's literally true! Our skulls are 25% larger than females. We have thicker bones, more prominent supraorbital ridges, larger eye sockets, and more angled jawlines and chins due to our testosterone production.   In general, the typical masculine face tends to be more boxy whereas female faces are more oval or heart shaped. Evolution has taught our brains to subconsciously associate these masculine” characteristics with strength, dominance and power.  With aging however, hormone changes lead to altered bone resorption and simple gravity leads to a sagging of the soft tissue volume of the face. On top of that, sun damage and repetitive facial movements lead to wrinkles. 

This is where non-invasive cosmetic procedures come in.  While we may perform some of the same procedures for men and women, the goal outcomes are very different.  Therefore, choosing a provider with a thorough understanding of facial gender differences is very important, particularly for the male patient. In my opinion, injectable filler of the jawline and/or cheeks are the most rewarding procedures to perform on both sexes, as they bring a certain youthfulness and definition to the entire face.  That being said, in supporting masculinity I would be aiming for a stronger, wider, and more chiseled jawline/chin with a cheek projection closer to the midline of the face.  In enhancing a female face, I would be aiming for a more slim and defined jawline with a rounded chin and cheek projection more laterally.

This of course, would be based on the specific concerns or desires of the patient. While a cookie cutter approach may work at practices in certain parts of the country, at Ject we are lucky enough to have a diverse patient population in terms of gender, age, race and personality. In turn, we tailor each and every treatment to the individual. 

So guys, whether you want to look younger, more masculine, or simply look and feel your best, chances are we have a solution for you. Give us a call or schedule a consultation (virtual or in-person), and let us bring out the best in you.