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How To Go on a Beach Trip Like a Skincare Expert

Whether you’re planning on a weekend trip to the Hamptons or spending a few weeks in Europe, you’ll likely find yourself on a beach at some point this summer. You’ll need to be prepared to protect your skin from the sun this time of year when it’s at its strongest. 

In addition to skin cancers and signs of aging, the sun also plays a major role in contributing to melasma, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and dullness—regardless of your skin tone. Even if you don’t visibly burn or tan, cumulative sun exposure when running to the farmers market or answering emails next to a window will contribute to sun damage, so protection throughout the day is key. Below are some pointers to make sure you are protected at all times!


Set Yourself Up for Success

Before a beach day, apply sunscreen to your entire body prior to getting dressed. This ensures that your first application has you covered even under your bathing suit or T-shirt—remember, standard clothing has an SPF of only about 6. Make sure to give your sunscreen at least 30 minutes to absorb before heading outside. 


Don’t Forget a Hat

Hats with wide brims not only cover your face, but also offer protection for the scalp, ears, chest, neck and shoulders—some of the most high-risk areas for skin cancer and sun damage.


Sunglasses—the bigger the better

While small 90’s shades are making a comeback, save them for another time—keep a pair of your biggest sunglasses in your beach bag for maximum protection against crows feet, hyperpigmentation and crepey lids. 


Make Reapplication Easy

Make sure to reapply SPF every two hours or right after swimming. Setting a timer on your phone can be helpful as a reminder! Our SPF brush stick is particularly convenient to tote around and absorbs extra shine. 


Be a Shady Lady (or Gentleman)

If you’re at a resort, by a pool, or at the beach—set yourself up in a shady spot and either bring or ask for an umbrella. If you’re a frequent beachgoer, invest in a personal pop up tent to tote to the beach—not only will you have 360 degrees of protection, but you’ll be posted up next to the cooler and snacks.

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